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Few cups of coffee filled 4 ponds!

30 years have gone by since REC Trichy. The 9 of them are spread across 3 continents. It was the pandemic that got them thinking about coming together for the greater good. Greater good very close to where they spent the most joyous time of their lives, Trichy. A few WhatsApp messages and a couple of zoom calls later, all it took was a few clicks. And they have stayed together on this 2 years and counting.

For the past 17 years water has been a rarity in the region for 4 villages, 2500 farmers and 25,000 people who all depended on 5 lakes in the Thenur district of Tamil Nadu. Payir, a non-profit working for the past 15+ years in the area had WaterShed as a key development project which required huge funding. The REC Trichy MCA class of 1992 joined a few others on this noble journey. And the past 2 years has seen phenomenal development in afforestation, clearing & reviving of derelict lakes, storing rain water successfully and reviving farming.

This year people from all the villages came together to celebrate the Rain Festival and the revival of farming activity after many years of drought. And the REC Trichy class of 1992 are celebrating the change they were able to make.

If you and/or your high school or college class would like to be part of this journey with Payir, please write to us at There are many interesting projects that will make you proud of the change you will bring about.

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